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Directors & Secretary

Name: Mr. Bruce James Rodney Cohen (M.A., LL.M., F.C.A)
Born in year: 1939
Title:Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Appointed on:
17 June 2015
Qualification:Qualified Chartered Accountant (England & Wales), Cambridge University graduate (Economics and Law) and Cambridge University postgraduate (Company Law & International Law)
Committee: None
Professional Journey: CEO of Courts Plc International Retail Group for 25 years and Chairman of most of the company's international subsidiary companies.

Name: Mr. Richard William Tebbutt Coe
Born in year: 1947
Title: CEO
Appointed on: 1st February 2019
Qualification: MSc. (Oxford & HEC) Coaching and Consulting for Change
Professional Journey: Retail career as Marketing and then Managing Director with Courts PLC which traded in 22 counties worldwide, serving in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, UK and Indonesia. After retiring from Courts had Consultancy in Appreciative Inquiry, The Management of Change and Mediation for Commercial Disputes.

Name: Mr. Andrew Cohen (M.A., F.C.A)
Born in year:1967
Title: COO
Appointed on: 8 May 2017
Qualification:Qualified Chartered Accountant (England & Wales), Cambridge University graduate (Law)
Professional Journey:Andrew trained with Deloitte in London, subsequently joining Courts International Retail Group, where he served as a Director. Currently he is responsible for furniture buying, H.R., store refurbishments, e-commerce and other innovation projects.

Name: Mr. Prakash Ashok Sonah
Born in year: 1966
Title: CFO
Appointed on: 17 June 2015
Qualification: Fellow of Chartered Association of Certified Accountants
Committee: None
Professional Journey: Mr. Sonah has been in public practice in the UK for 27 years and has been exposed to a number of business sectors from retail, manufacturing, service, asset management, hospitality, technology, transport, amongst others. He became a partner in the Practice he was working in in 2001 and has, over the years, acquired a wealth of experience dealing with a large number of high profile clients with respect to their business development, compliance and taxation needs so that they are in a position to meet all the challenges in their business environment.
Besides his practice, he was also a major shareholder and the finance director of a company operating in the healthcare sector. He joined the board of Courts Mammouth in August 2015 and has served as a Non-Executive director till 30th September 2017, before being appointed as Executive Director as from that date.

Name: Mr. Alexander Winston Lynford
Born in year: 1969
Title: Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed on: 26 November 2017
Qualification: BA (Hons) Spanish and Philosophy, University of Leeds
Committee: Chairman of the Nomination, Remuneration & Corporate Governance and member of Audit & Risk Committees.
Professional Journey: Overseas roles in South America, principally for the petrochemical industry and in Lithuania for the George Soros Foundation. Fifteen years in commercial and corporate banking in London. Established a consultancy and finance brokerage in London, which he has runsince 2013.

Name: Mrs.Kalindee Ramdhonee
Born in year:
Title: Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed on: 23 August 2019
Committee: Chairman of the Audit & Risk and Member of the Nomination, Remuneration & Corporate Governance Committees.
Professional Journey: 


Name: Miss Karishma Choytun
Born in year: 1993
Title: Company Secretary
Appointed on: 23 September 2019
Qualifications: LLB (Hons), LLM (International Business Law), Called to the Bar of England and Wales(Middle Temple), Called to the Mauritian Bar.
Professional journey:

Board Charter

The Group follows a unitary Board structure. It comprises of Executive, Non-Executive and Independent Directors who are selected for their relevant skills, knowledge and expertise.
The Board is guided by a charter which is assessed on an annual basis.


The Board has set up two Committees to assist in the effective performance of its duties. The Committees are each made up of a majority of Independent Directors.


The ARC is governed by its charter and is made up of the following Members:

  • Mrs. Kalindee Ramdhonee
  • Mr. Alexander Winston Lynford

The NRCGC is governed is made up of the following Members:

  • Mr. Alexander Winston Lynford
  • Mrs. Kalindee Ramdhonee