CIM Credit

The hire purchase monthly repayment amounts are subject to change depending on the number of instalments. A deposit of at least 10% may be charged upon some specific products which is submitted to CIM Finance for approval. Moreover, an annual percentage rate (APR) of 12% will be applicable.

Delivery in Lockdown period

Buy any Electrical products online (TVs, Laptops, Fridges, Washing Machines etc) by contactless payment modes available on our site and we shall contact you for delivery. No delivery for furniture will be done.

During the lockdown, all products will be delivered contactless at your doorstep and ground floor only. No installation and No demonstration.

All safety measures will be taken for deliveries.

Promo prices still apply.

All orders prior to the Lockdown period will be rescheduled when quarantine period is over. Thank you for your understanding.

Free Delivery for orders above Rs2500,  for orders below Rs2500 the delivery fees will be Rs250. 

Payment by Credit Card

We use SBM secured MasterCard Internet Gateway Service to process all Credit Cards payments. We do not store any Credit Card information on our systems.Payment is cleared during the transaction with an automated response of accepted or declined sent to us within minutes.If you cancel your order, refunds are processed (reversed) on the SBM secured MasterCard Internet Gateway Service itself. When the reversed transaction appear on your Credit Card statement depends on your provider

Payment by Juice

Juice payment is provided by MCB. Paying a merchant is a different procedure than individual payments called “Pay a Juice Merchant” on the Juice app. You can find Merchant Payment procedure here (link to Juice procedure).When you select this payment method on the site, you are given a telephone number 58595075 and merchant name Courts Mammouth as well as requested to but your order reference in the remark field.

The telephone number is for the sole purpose of Juice payment and is not manned.Failure to put the correct order reference in the remark field will cause delays processing your order.Payments made by Juice are usually received within 1 working day.Refunds if necessary are done via standard Bank Transfers (see below Bank Transfers); Merchants are not able to use Juice to reverse transactions.

 Payment by Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer payment is provided by your bank itself.When you select this payment method on the site, you are given an account number and merchant name. You are also asked to put your order reference in the Remark field.Failure to put the correct order reference in the remark field will cause delays processing your order.Payments made by Bank Transfers are usually received within 1 to 2 working days. In some instances this can take longer and is not within our control; a payment may appear on your statement immediately but take 5 or more working days to appear on ours.

Refunds if necessary are done via the same method and whilst processed within 1 working day, when they appear on your statement depends the Banks and not within our control

Payment in store

A “Payment in store” option is provided on the site to pre-order/reserve products. Pick up day and time will be organised with you and is only available when stores are opened.


All cash or cash promotional prices of products are VAT inclusive. 

Monthly rates also include VAT and are calculated on a 30 monthly installment basis, unless indicated otherwise. 

Prices, photographs, descriptions, graphics and technical data are non-contractual and are liable to change without notice, subject to typographical error and receipt of these products from our suppliers as well as the their stock availability.

Accessories are not included in the prices. Courts Mammouth will neither be held responsible in case of error or omission in any of these photographs, descriptions, graphics, or product characteristics nor in case of modification of the product's features. 

Payment facilities are available and are subject to approval of the file and at the sole discretion of Courts Mammouth. 

Prices for Courts Mammouth Rodrigues will vary according to freight.


If you want to place an order with us, you will first need to sign up on our website. By signing up with us, you are confirming that: You agree to all the terms and conditions of our website. A registered account with us can only be in the name of one person at a time. Please keep your personal details accurate and updated. You are responsible for all activities and orders placed under your registered account. You may deregister with us at any time. If you believe that a third party has hacked into or otherwise tampered with your registered account, please contact our Customer Service immediately, failing which we will not be liable for any loss, damage and/or prejudice suffered as a result of such hacking, tampering or otherwise.


Our products are sold at the price advertised on the website at the time of your order. We reserve the right to change the prices at any time, prior to the confirmation of your order, without notice. All prices are VAT inclusive applicable at the time of your order.

Offers & Promotion

We reserve the right to withdraw or vary our offers and promotions at any time, prior to the confirmation of your order, without notice. You should rely on the product text name or title  when you place your order. Photos do not form part of the contract of sale and are for guidance only.

Content Errors,correction and changes

We at Courts Mammouth, endeavor to update the contents of our web pages to provide you with the latest information on our products and services.  We shall not be liable for any delay or failure to update the contents of the website.

All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information only.  We do not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information, materials and product specifications on this website.  Photos are non-contractual and prices may differ.  Any action you take upon the information you find on this website is strictly at your own risk.  We expressly exclude liability for any inaccuracy or error which may occur.

By using our website, you hereby consent to our disclaimer and agree to its terms


Payment by Visa or MasterCard  and Bank Transfer are acceptable on our website. The secured MasterCard Internet Gateway Service solely will record and manage your bank details. Please note that they are not recorded on our database. While checking-out, your credit card will be automatically debited with the full amount due. Once payment is cleared, you will receive an automated confirmation email of your order. At that stage, you will not be able to add extra products to that particular order.

Home Delivery & Pick-up in Store

Home delivery services and collection at pick-up points are available in Mauritius only.

Home Delivery

Please ensure that only one delivery address is entered. Home delivery as from Rs2500. For any delivery under Rs 2500, an extra amount of Rs 200 will have to be paid. The products will be delivered by Courts Mammouth warehouse delivery team, at the given address upon placing the order. Delivery is made Monday to Friday between 10h00 and 17h00 and on Saturday between 10h00 and 13h00, without prior notification We will endeavor to make a second attempt at delivery on the next working day if no one is present to take delivery at the delivery address. It delivery is unsuccessful on this second attempt, your order will be redirected to Courts Mammouth warehouse and we will inform you accordingly for collection.

Pick-up in Store

Please contact our Branch Manager( 2071182) or customer service on 2071100 for collecting your item in our stores. The collection time will vary according to the opening hours of the branch. 

General Terms

Delivery and collection are made when the customer agrees to the delivery and collection forms. As proof of identity, your National Identity Card (NIC) needs to be shown as well as a quote of your Order Number before delivery or pick up can be made. Your NIC number will be noted down by the carrier or by our agent when collecting your item. If a third party takes delivery of your order, he/she will also have to show his/her own NIC and order receipt before delivery can be made. The carrier or agent at the pick-up point will note down his/her NIC number. We will not be responsible for the late or non-delivery of the products or for any loss, damage suffered as a result of any incorrect delivery or other information you have provided us or occasioned by events beyond our reasonable control.

Cancelling an order

To cancel an order, kindly contact Bell village Branch Manager( 2071182) or customer service.


Our items will not be exchangeable and refundable once sold. Please check the condition of the products delivered at the time of deliver or collection, i.e. before you sign the delivery and collection slip. If the customer notes that the delivery box is not sealed or is damage or the products are not as ordered upon delivery or collection, the customer should not take delivery and informed the carrier or agent at collection point for replacement. We will not be responsible for any breakages, nonconformity or shortages of the products ordered once delivery is being made


1. Warranty period ‘The Company guarantees this Product against defects in materials, design and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months as from the date of delivery. Batteries for mobile phones and tablets have a 6 month warranty. Should you wish to extend this cover, we invite you to purchase a Supashield Extended Warranty. Warranty terms and conditions are applicable to the person whose name appears on this receipt. The warranty is none—transferable. If during the warranty period, the Product fails, under normal use and service, you should bring the Product to any Courts Mammouth store. For none—portable and heavy Products, please call us on 207 1100 and we shall be pleased to assist.

2. Terms and conditions of warranty

  • Proof of purchase (invoice or receipt) must be provided when requesting service.
  • The warranty of the Product is limited to manufacturing defect only.
  • The warranty cover will immediately cease and become null and void, if the Product is found to have been tampered, modified, abused, misused, damaged due to faulty installation or negligence, the serial number defaced or removed, lack of reasonable care, damage to applications or operating system caused by virus, and if the Product has been repaired by an unauthorized person. In such cases transport and labor are chargeable as well as verification fee.
  • To note that a verification fee, and transport if applicable, will also be charged for "no fault” diagnosis.
  • The Company reserves the right to replace the Product or relevant part with the same or equivalent Product or part, rather than repair it. Where a replacement is provided, the Company will determine, in its discretion, the closest product within its range of products with which to replace the faulty or damaged Product. The replacement product may differ with the replaced Product in size and specifications, at the reasonable election of the Company. In the event that a replacement is provided, the faulty Product becomes the property of the Company.
  • You may be requested to bring all accessories (including memory cards and/or any add ons) for further inspection of the Product during the repair process.
  • Products intended for domestic use will not be covered if used in a non—domestic or commercial environment.
  • Ensure proper back up of data/file before leaving any cell phone and/or lT Product for repair.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or alterations to hardware, software, programs, data and/or information stored on any media or any part of the Product, no matter how occurring; or for any loss or damage arising from loss of use, loss of profits or revenue, or for any resulting indirect or consequential loss or damage.
  • The Company’s aggregate liability in respect of all claims under this warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price of the Product or, at the Company’s option, the replacement value of the Product in accordance with provisions of this section.

3. The warranty cover shall be subjected, but not limited to, the following exclusions:

  • If the Product has not been installed, operated, maintained or used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or specifications provided with the Product.
  • Cosmetic damages such as paint work, dent, scratch, rust, corrosion, stain and liquid damage are not covered.
  • Any malfunction or failure of the Product resulting from any misuse or damage of the Product, either deliberately or unintentionally.
  • Any malfunction, damage or failure resulting from alterations, accident, abuse, fire, liquid spillage, exposure to dirt, sand and water.
  • Any malfunction resulting from inadequate safekeeping, storage at high temperatures or humidity or exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions and the operation of a computer virus of any kind.
  • Any shock arising as a result of physical damage caused to the Product.
  • Any oxidation arising as a result of contact with any form of liquid.
  • Any software issue or any connectivity issue and/or any damage caused by the use of non—original and/or defective and/or incompatible accessories.
  • Normal wear and tear arising from usage, color fading, de-threading, foam and cushions.
  • Theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, or damage caused by force majeure and/or Acts of Gods, or natural calamities (such as fire, flood, explosion, lightning,

  • cyclone, torrential rain).
  • Defects from fluctuation in electrical power supply/power surges, use on an incorrect voltage or voltage supply problems. Damages caused by the use of multiplug.
  • Problem caused by insect infestation, reptiles such as lizards and any damage, malfunction or failure resulting from entry of insect, vermin of any kind, or foreign object in the Product.
  • Any cost to remove, or reinstall, built-in or fitted equipment, as well as servicing and modification by an unauthorized person shall void the warranty.
  • Accessories are not covered by warranty. These include without limitation: Batteries (unless expressly stated otherwise in clause 1 above), hand free kit, speaker, memory card, data cable, removable data storage, games software, antenna, flip cover, cover casing, tape, ink, bulb, hose, burners, timer, door gasket for refrigerator/washer, microwave plate, glass door for cookers/microwave, air filter, water filter, filter bag, projection TV screen protector, cable,>remote control, lens, microphones, headphones, blades, shaver blades, jugs, knobs, belts, shelves and any other add-ons which were not originally part of the Product.

Access to and availability of the website

We will make all reasonable efforts to provide you with access to the website 24 hours per day without any interruptions. However, from time to time you may experience disruptions due, for example, to essential maintenance or problems beyond our control involving suppliers, communications, the Internet, your own computer or software failures. Accordingly, we do not warrant that the website will be available continuously and are not liable for any downtime or disruption in website availability.

Intellectual Property

The content and design of these website pages are subject to copyright owned by us. You are welcome to print pages for your personal use but no part of this website; our logos or trademarks may be reproduced or transmitted in any way for any other purpose. Other than having permission to access the website and use the services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, you agree that nothing herein creates or grants to you any right in or ownership of any intellectual property rights existing in the presentation or format of the website or in any software, content, information, data or databases provided through the website or used in or forming part of the services. This includes without limitation any registered or unregistered trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, database rights, copyright, rights in domain names or data owned by or vested in us or any third party ("Intellectual Property"). All rights in relation to Intellectual Property not expressly granted by us are hereby reserved to us (or our licensors) and no right, license or benefit to such Intellectual Property is granted to you.

Property details

We reserve the right to change the details about us at any time without notice.

When do we collect information?

Information is being collected from you when you register on our site or place an order or provide us with feedback on our products or services. The information we collect from you maybe be used when you register, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, respond to a survey or marketing communication or simply surf the website.

Data collected and end-uses

The Customer has the right to access and correct the personal data, collected by Prestashop concerning him or her under this agreement. Customers also have the right to cancel, limit the processing, oppose for legitimate reasons, withdraw consent (if you had requested this) a right to portability for the personal data that you have provided (for automated data processing whose legal basis is that of consent or performance of a contract), as well as the right to determine the guidelines relating to how your data will be used in the event of death. These rights can be exercised directly on the website.

Be Real
Users need to be real people, providing us with their real names and accurate information about themselves. Users are not allowed to pretend to be someone else or to be representing a business in a way that is not truthful. They are also not allowed to use someone else's name, image, or other personal information to make others think you are someone else. Users are also not allowed to create a member profile for anyone other than themselves.


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