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Chanson PLA702 Miracle Max Blk 2YW Water Ionizer "O"

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  • Online exclusive
Chanson PLA702 Miracle Max Blk 2YW Water Ionizer "O"
  • Chanson PLA702 Miracle Max Blk 2YW Water Ionizer "O"

Product Features

  • On counter ionizer
  • Machine Size: W24.7xD14xH30.5 
  • Weight: 4.5 Kg
  • Temperature:5-40°C
  • ORP Range: ORP +900 TO -820
  • Water Pressure: 8-90 PSI
  • Input: 230V/50HZ; 110V/60HZ
  • Power: 5-150W
  • 2 Years Warranty (excluding consumables)
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Chanson PLA702 Miracle Max Blk 2YW Water Ionizer "O"

Chanson PLA702 Miracle Max Blk 2YW Water Ionizer "O"

  • On counter ionizer
  • Machine Size: W24.7xD14xH30.5 
  • Weight: 4.5 Kg
  • Temperature:5-40°C
  • ORP Range: ORP +900 TO -820
  • Water Pressure: 8-90 PSI
  • Input: 230V/50HZ; 110V/60HZ
  • Power: 5-150W
  • 2 Years Warranty (excluding consumables)

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The Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ ionizer will make both strong acid and alkaline water for anyone with ANY water source, and is powerful enough to be used for disinfecting by doctors, hospitals, dentists, spas, vets, restaurants, the food industry, and home use. The M.A.X. is the first ionizer ever to use mineral rich nutritional Himalayan rock salt instead of a bleach/salt injection that leaves toxic residue on your ionization plates

  • produces natural ionized water of the highest quality
  • regulate the pH of your drinking water to more basic, thus being able to neutralize acid in the body
  • get more energy into the body's cells (ORP value) as the water becomes more vibrant and energized
  • get rid of the body's accumulated waste
  • get molecular hydrogen with therapeutic benefits and water becomes your main anti-inflammatory source
  • clean the water of bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine and other substances with the effective active carbon filter (must be changed at least once a year)

  • Bigger Plates, Smaller Unit 

Size matters and larger plates allow for better water flow Featuring seven (7) of the largest, nano-coated, titanium plates on the world market, with a full 246.5 square inch total ionization surface area that can outperform even an 9-plate ionizer. Chanson titanium electrode plates have been independently lab tested at 99.998% pure titanium! M.A.X. is one of the smallest seven plate counter top ionizers in the world so it takes up less of your counter space (or under counter space if you decide to convert it). You may not be able to tell, but some of the brands you may be considering are HUGE and can even block your access to outlets and cupboards.

  • The M.A.X. Makes Some of the Highest and Lowest pH Levels of Any Ionizer Ranges: 

pH = 2.4 to 12.1 ORP = +1200 to -920 (at low flow with no chemical alternation – the lower the flow the stronger the alteration) Note: pH and ORP always depend on source water and water flow and vary as with any brand

  • RAD Self-Cleaning System 

The Radial Action De-Calcification self-cleaning system is another breakthrough utilized on the Chanson M.A.X. that will extend the life of the ionizer. The number one enemy of any ionizer is calcium build-up inside the plate cell, and many water ionizers will lose up to 30% performance in the first three months of use due to calcium build-up. The RAD self-clean system will come to be legendary for its superior performance, even in the hardest of waters. Tested in 1300 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) "hard" water which is about four times harder than average USA hard water

  • Onboard Flow Control Valve and Micro-Adjustable pH Settings 

Want it stronger? You’re in charge! Use your advanced ceramic side mounted control flow valve--the first of its kind in the water ionizer industry--to increase or decrease flow rate and water strength for best results. There is nothing more important on a water ionizer than being able to adjust the water flow speed to get the best results, and this metal-free advanced ceramic valve will perform year in and year out. The M.A.X. also features fully adjustable settings at every pH level with additional micro-adjustments on the touch-screen panel

  • Requires Less Power Than Any Other Brand, Without Sacrificing Performance 

Lower power means less heat, and less heat means longer life to all components inside the ionizer Chanson engineers have learned in over 20 years of servicing and manufacturing ionizers that you can't have both high wattage and long plate life, and that anything over 180 watts will dramatically reduce the life of the plates--regardless of plate quality or coating methods. The Chanson M.A.X. uses an advanced electronic delivery system which only requires a maximum of 150 watts, which extends the life of the plates and easily performs as well or better than ionizers using up to 500 watts and nine plates

  • Commercial Grade, Non-Heat Generating Power Supply 

Unlimited flow time able to withstand commercial grade usage without overheating The M.A.X. utilizes 4th generation SMPS, the same power supply used in the newest 3D flat panel TVs. The M.A.X. can run all day long at the strongest power level without overheating, even at slow water flow levels. The first three generations of SMPS used by other ionizer assemblers were full of defects and problems, and models we tested overheated in less than one hour regardless of seller’s advertisements. This 4th generation SMPS is perfected, giving the Chanson M.A.X. a distinct advantage in runtime and power delivery

  • Onboard Chemical-Free Filter Super easy to change

The Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ contains a chemical-free, one micron silver-impregnanted coconut shell carbon block filter which addresses some basic chemical contaminants like chlorine and chloramines and helps protect the machine itself. You won't find secret, dangerous, or unproven ingredients in our drinking water filters--EVER! As with all water ionizers, we recommend a drinking water pre-filter for best results. Onboard filter replacement should occur every 6 months if used without a pre-filtration system, or every 12 months with a pre-filtration system

  • Excellent Flow Rate ½ Gallon (2 Litres) Per Minute 

Beware of companies claiming higher flow rates--they are usually combining the total flow of the acid and alkaline waters which is misleading. Some other companies also quote the flow capacity of the machine based on nothing but the amount of water it can produce, NOT the quality. Ex: The Chanson Miracle can flow water at 8 litres per minute, but the ORP will be so weak it will be ineffective. Two litres per minute is our most effective flow rate from the alkaline spout with at least -200 ORP

  • Auto Memory Save & Advanced CPU 

The auto memory save feature saves your settings even after power outages, so you can set it once and forget about it. The advanced CPU computer chip is programmed for perfect water at every setting, and even monitors the plate conditions

  • Fully Waterproof Touch-Screen Display

pH, water flow speed, filter life, speaker volume level and setting number are on full display on a waterproof touch panel screen with no grease-collecting buttons. The machine's beautiful glossy black or new white patterned casing with silver finishes compliment any kitchen

  • Selection of 8 levels of water quality 

4 sections of alkaline water, 1 neutral, and 3 sections of acidic water

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